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Note Researcher
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Welcome to our web site!

Let us help you get the cash for your dreams!
 If you are a home owner looking to sell, we can create a note and get you a decidedly higher price for your home by creating and selling a real estate note. If you are a note holder we can liquidate that note for cash now.

The process is very simple. IF you would are currently trying to sell your home and it is proving difficult, please contact us for additional information.
Some problems sellers run into are:
* buyer has bad or no credit  - no problem
* home location (i.e. rural...) hard to finance - no problem
* buyer has no available downpayment - no problem
If you are a note holder and are interested in selling your note for cash now, please contact one of out representatives and they would be glad to give you a FREE EVALUATION  of your note. You will just need to provide them with some information and they can have a quote for you in as little as 48 hours!

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UP Investments
Moran, MI 49760

Phone: (906)643-6594

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